Caribbean Cleaning Solutions



With three adjustable scrubbing widths, 26″, 30″ and 34″, and onboard storage for two squeegees, 30″ and 40″, it fits through any door and can handle any job large or small. Simply pull a pin and the brush deck automatically adjusts in or out to the correct width.

Key Features

  • Three sizes, one machine
  • Fully adjustable flow rate from 0.25 gpm to 1 gpm
  • Patented pop-on/pop-off brushes and pad drivers
  • LED control panel continuously provides operator with chemical, water flow, brush pressure and battery status
  • Adjustable brush pressure and speed
  • Six maintenance-free gel batteries provide 4 hours of run time; low-voltage shutoff prolongs battery life
  • Tear-away squeegee equipped with quick-release squeegee blades for easy cleaning
  • Onboard chemical dispensing (as an optional system) allows for 32:1, 64:1, 96:1 and 128:1, guaranteeing proper chemical usage
  • The gel batteries are completely maintenance free, emit 1/40 of the hydrogen gas of wet lead acid batteries, are spill-proof and can be charged anywhere. The safest, most dependable and longest-life batteries on the market
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