Caribbean Cleaning Solutions


MidMop – A Class All its Own MMT 1616

The System Supports Both String Mops and Flat Mops

  • Its compact design allows for easy storage while providing a go anywhere dual bucket mopping system
  • The patented wringer is positioned high on the trolley providing better ergonomics and full access to both buckets at all times
  • The MidMop permits a true twin bucket system to be followed or the wringer can be easily moved from one side to the other should both buckets be needed
  • Total flexibility – it can be used in place on the NPT 1606 or attached to the NC 3000 and 4000 using an optional bracket
  • Structural foam construction ensures maximum durability
  • Easily removed 4 gallon buckets allow for simple filling and emptying
  • Options include a flat mop stand and a versatile 5quart swing bucket!


Weight 24 lbs Dimensions (LxWxH) 24”x 15”x 28”
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