Pressure Washers


 K1122 TST

• 1400 psi, 2.1 gpm (gallons per minute) and “Total Stop Start” technology (TST) provide all the features a commercial user needs

• Comes complete with 50-foot hose, variable nozzle (Vario), and Dirt Killer nozzle

• Vario nozzle adjusts the spray from a fan to a pencil jet stream

• Dirt Killer nozzle rotates a pencil jet spray on an axis-creating a radius with tremendous cleaning ability

• TST feature stops the pump from running when the unit is not in use (spraying) and automatically starts the pump when you pull the trigger

• Other features include a chemical injection hose, hose reel and onboard storage for hose, gun and lances


Pump Brass, Triplex Piston Pressure 1,400 psi
Max. Temperature 140 F Power Cord 23’
Weight 70 lbs Pressure Hose 50’
Volume 2.1 gpm Includes Gun w/Lance, Vario Nozzle, Dirt Killer Nozzle